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Colour cards:

  • GraviHEL colour shades poster (B2) (index no. 392334)
  44 (392334 Gravihel Color Shades Poster)
  • GraviHEL colour card NCS INDEX 1950 (index no. 392339)
6 (392339 Gravihel Colour Card NCS)
  • GraviHEL colour card RAL Design 2015 (index no. 392340)
46 K2A0303 foto Marko Delbello Ocepek1
  • GraviHEL colour card Metallic (index no. 392448)
47 K2A0289 foto Marko Delbello Ocepek1
  • GraviHEL colour card RAL Classic (index no. 392546)
9 (392546 Gravihel Colour Card RAL Classic)
  • GraviHEL colour card MobiFLEET (index no. 390429)
49 K2A0658 foto Marko Delbello Ocepek1


GraviHEL Colour Finder (index no. 301846) 

GraviHEL Colour Finder is a professional colour identification device.
It takes 27 photos of the sample illuminated from 9 different colors of LEDs, from three directions. This technology allows Colour Finder to scan with highest degree of accuracy any coloured material - even multi-coloured and textured objects.
Use of Colour Finder is very easy. When placed on a surface it will measure a colour and instantly visualized the closest “Chip Number” covered in Gravihel colour system. Acquiring desired formulation in Gravihel weighing program is than only a meter of seconds. 
Beside the closest match it will also present similar or alternative shades, colour schemes and harmonies if desired. It has intuitive multilingual user interface, memory of storing up to 100 colours and an integrated microphone which allows user to add voice tags to each measurement. 
GraviHEL Colour Finder comes with protective pouch, wrist band and it has USB rechargeable battery. 
50 GRAVIHEL Colour Finder product photo 2

GraviHEL Colour Cube (index no. 301903)  

GraviHEL Colour Cube is all about communicating colour. It’s a handy, small and easy to carry colour picker which can be wirelessly connected to Gravihel app on smart phone. Gravihel app is freely available on App Store and Google Play. GraviHEL Colour Cube is built to be robust and easy to use. With its bursts of red, greena and blue light accuratly detects the colour of the surface.
Once paired with smart phone GraviHEL Colour Cube can instantly be used to measure colours that surround you. It’s very easy to use, just hold GraviHEL Colour Cube to any surface and tap on it. In a meter of seconds colour is captured and you can share it through GraviHEL app with your colegues and friends. Sharing is possible through all communication possibilities your smart device is offering (mail, SMS, social media …). At the same time app is giving you also a close match in GraviHEL system. Chip number which is given can be used to prepare chosen colour in desired quality. 
4 (301903 Gravihel Colour Cube 3D TWO)