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GraviHEL vinyl acrilyc topcoat 302 semi gloss TDS


One-component top coating based on a vinyl acrylic binder for the most demanding exposure conditions. Used in the protection system for transport and residential containers, and for industrial varnishing of metal surfaces which requires extremely quick drying and a high-quality anti-corrosion protection. The vinyl coating has better mechanical properties than the alkyd, a higher level of hardness and good resistance to rock impact. It can be applied directly onto galvanized sheet surfaces (DUPLEX system), however, we recommend a preliminary test of adhesion due to different zinc qualities.
The recommended ratio between the binder and the pastes is 85 : 15. If a superior hiding power is required, the quantity of pastes can be increased to a ratio of 80 : 20. All further information is provided based on the 85 : 15 ratio.

Type of product:

Vinyl - acryl


Semi gloss

Delivery viscosity:


Density of component A:

1,096– 1,191 kg/l

Solid Content:

By volume: 38%
By weight: 51%


VOC ready to use (g/l)= max.630

Theoretical yield:

6 - 7 m2/lit.

Color shades:

GraviHEL Color Tools
35 - 30% GraviHEL thinner ESS 40 – 45 sec. DIN 53211 Φ4 /20°C
1,3 mm 2 - 3 bar (depending on type of gun) 2x = 60 µm
Between coats: 5-10 min. /20°C
Powder dry/20°C =15 mininutes Dry to touch/20°C = 20 minutes
0- 5% GraviHEL thinner ESS 0,23 – 0,33 mm 80 – 200 bar
Thinner is not needed!
Shelf life: 2 years