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GraviHEL epoxy topcoat 500 TDS


Two-component thick-layer top coating based on an epoxy binder, used for the protection of indoor surfaces which are not directly exposed to UV rays (working machinery and concrete surfaces, which must be completely dry prior to he application of protection).
The coating is distinguished by a high chemical and mechanical resistance. Minimal curing time of the coating prior to exposure to media is 10 days.
The recommended ratio between the binder and the pastes is 80 : 20: If a superior hiding power is required, the quantity of pastes can be increased to a ratio of 75 : 25. All further information is provided based on the 80 : 20 ratio.


GraviHEL enamel Ebb epoxy impregnation

Type of product:

2K epoxy - polyamidoamine


Semi gloss

Delivery viscosity:


Density of component A:

1,327 – 1,477 kg/l

Solid Content:

By volume: 43%
By weight: 76%


VOC ready to use (g/l)= max.490

Theoretical yield:

4 - 5 m2/lit.

Color shades:

GraviHEL Color Tools
3:1+ 15-20% GraviHEL epoxy hardener GraviHEL epoxy thinner Volume mixing Pot life / 20°C = 8h
24 – 28 sec. DIN 53211 Φ 4mm/ 20°C
1,5 – 2,0 mm 2 - 3 bar (depending on type of gun) 2x = 80 - 120 µm
Powder dry/20°C =40 minutes Dry to touch/20°C = 6h
0 -1 5% GraviHEL epoxy thinner 0,23 – 0,33 mm 80 – 200 bar
Thinner is not needed!
Shelf life: 2 years