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GRAVIHEL PUR topcoat 404 semi gloss 6:1 TDS


A high-quality top coating with high weather, mechanical, chemical and UV protection, suitable for the most demanding exposure conditions.
Can be applied directly onto galvanized sheet metal without a primer, however, we recommend a preliminary test of adhesion due to different zinc qualities.
The recommended ratio between the binder and the pastes is 80 : 20: If a superior hiding power is required, the quantity of pastes can be increased to a ratio of 75 : 25. All further information is provided based on the 80 : 20 ratio.


GraviHEL epoxy primer RAL

Type of product:

Acryl - isocianate


Semi gloss

Delivery viscosity:


Density of component A:

1,213 – 1,36 kg/l

Solid Content:

By volume: 31%
By weight: 83%


VOC ready to use (g/l)= max.470

Theoretical yield:

5 - 6 m2/lit.

Color shades:

GraviHEL Color Tools

By lower aplication temperatures we recommend to use GraviHEL 2K PUR hardener FAST and GraviHEL 2K PUR thinner FAST.
6:1 + 20-30% GraviHEL 2K PUR hardener GraviHEL 2K PUR thinner Volume mixing Pot life / 20°C = 5h
30 – 33 sec. DIN 53211 Φ 4mm/ 20°C
1,3 mm 2 - 3 bar (depending on type of gun) 2x = 60 µm
Between coats: 10 min. /20°C
Powder dry/20°C =15 minutes Dry to touch/20°C = 3h 60°C = 30 minutes
8 – 12 min. in the short-wave
0 - 5% GraviHEL 2K PUR thinner 0,23 – 0,33 mm 80 – 200 bar
Thinner is not needed!
Shelf life: 2 years