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GraviHEL basecoat matt TDS


In the system with COLOMIX 2K clearcoat, 2+1, GraviHEL basecoat will be used for the most demanding conditions branches with highly weather, mechanical, chemical and UV protection.
Colour shade and lightness of metalik effect depend on manner of spraying, working viscosity, set of paint flow on a gun, pressure setting, handling of spray gun etc.
The recommended ratio between the binder and the pastes is 80 : 20.


GraviHEL epoxy primer RAL

Type of product:




Delivery viscosity:


Density of component A:

0,94 – 0,99 kg/l

Solid Content:

By volume: 18%
By weight: 41%


VOC ready to use (g/l)= max.770

Theoretical yield:

9 - 10 m2/lit.

Color shades:

Color box metallic
40-50% GraviHEL basecoat thinner 20 – 22 sec. DIN 53211 Φ 4mm/ 20°C
1,3 mm 2 - 3 bar (depending on type of gun) 2x = 15- 25 µm
10 – 15 min. /20°
COLOMIX 2K clearcoat 2+1 STANDARD anti scratch
Shelf life: 2 years