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GraviHEL alkyd primer grey TDS


One-component priming coat based on an alkyd binder, used as anti-corrosion protection of steel surfaces. It is distinguished by extremely quick drying (approx. 20 minutes), it is also suitable for application by immersion. Brush application is only suitable for smaller surfaces, as more coats are required to achieve the recommended thickness of dry film compared to spraying application. With a film thickness of up to 25µm, it enables subsequent welding without any effect on the quality of the weld. Combined with an adequate top coating, it is suitable for exposure in a countryside, city or mild industrial atmosphere.
The primer can be shaded with GraviHEL pastes according to the RAL colour chart or sample.
The recommended ratio between the binder and the pastes is 85 : 15.

Type of product:




Delivery viscosity:


Density of component A:

1,283 – 1,415 kg/l

Solid Content:

By volume: 34%
By weight: 70%


VOC ready to use (g/l)= max.530 ;

Theoretical yield:

7 - 8 m2/lit.

Color shades:

Shade according to the RAL card
10- 15% GraviHEL 1K thinner 28 – 31 sec. DIN 53211 Φ 4mm/ 20°C
1,5 – 1,7 mm 2 - 4 bar (depending on type of gun) 2x = 40 -50 µm
Between coats: 5-10 min. /20°C
Powder dry/20°C =5 minutes Dry to touch/20°C =20 minutes
0 - 10% GraviHEL 1K thinner 0,23 – 0,33 mm 80 – 200 bar
up to 5% GraviHEL 1K thinner
Shelf life: 2 years